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Proper care of candles​​

The candles are hand-carved and each candle is unique, I hope it will give you pleasure and light.

Carved candles are lit for longer than regular candles and need special care so that you can enjoy them to the fullest for a long time.

First, it is very important to cut the wick to a height of about 7 mm, before lighting the candle. A long or twisted thread may melt the candle in a non-ideal way.

Second, after the candle has burned for about 20 minutes, it is recommended to turn it off and pour out the melted wax. It is recommended to do this every 20 minutes or so, even if the candle is burning for several hours. During combustion, hot wax accumulates in the candle and if the candle is moved, it may spill out.

In addition, every time you pour the wax a small "well" is formed and every time the "well" is narrower, do not forget to shorten the fuse before each lighting.

Remember! Never leave a candle lit unattended. An unattended fire can be dangerous!

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